“As an avid collector of traditional Martial Arts weaponry, and classical Asian artwork, I was very excited to be able to add some of Ms. Atanasio’s beautiful Yixing influenced artwork to my collection; I am now the proud owner of one of the “Pearl of Wisdom” teapots.  As a traditional Martial Artist, myself, I have a great appreciation for all things both beautiful and functional… But I must admit that, upon receiving the teapot, I was so struck by its beauty that, I decided not to use it to make tea; but now sits in a place of honor, and is the perfect compliment to the unique collection, displayed in my home.”

— Jeffrey L. Davis, Sensei


“I have the privilege of owning two teapots made by an incredible artist, Dawn Marie Atanasio. Each one is unique, beautifully made, and very functional. Dawn Marie puts so much of her heart and soul into her work. When I am using one of her teapots I feel that a part of her is there beside me sharing the moment with me.

I love the playful quality to the Billiard Ball Teapot. It adds a lot of fun to drinking tea. I highly recommend that if there is an opportunity to own any art work or sculpture done by Ms. Atanasio do not hesitate. Her work will enhance any collection one may have.”

— Nancy Cilento